Here are some Scorpio horoscope zodiac facts information you should know.

Scorpio Astrology October 23 – November 21

Some key traits of Scorpio are Resistance to Change, Emotion, Sensitivity and Empathy.

Scorpio Sign Compatibility

Love is expressed by Scorpio through both passion and submission.

Scorpio Fun Facts

Some of Scorpio’s likes – Flirtation, Truth, Long-time friends and Facts.
And some dislikes are – Superficial, Shallow people, Flattery and like anyone else being taken advantage of.

Scorpios are very independent. They can accomplish anything they put their mind to. They aren’t very social.

Having a relationships with a Scorpio can be complicated, with many series of extremes. Scorpios are known for being possessiveness and jealous. But they are also know for being extremely loyal.

Scorpios some how find a way to easily gather wealth, and are known for hiding it and keeping it on the low. Are very ambitious sign, very persistent and determined controlling attitude.

Scorpio are the astrology sign of many extremes & intensity. They have great secretiveness and lots of mystery.

Scorpio is the most sexual of all the zodiac signs.

Gemstone – Opal